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JBH is here this weekend with something very important for all of us and i. e Fitness check. If your answer to few questions m gonna ask is yes then you need to give a few minutes for this blog. So, here we go…

Is it finally time to commit to a daily workout routine??? Are you tired of listening people commenting on you physique or your low stamina??? Are you tired of saying yourself to get up early and go for exercise whatever it may be running, walking, gymming, cycling etc and get into a great shape (which obviously every human wants to have) and then not follow through with the plan???

Then this is a MUST READ ARTICLE for you.

Here are a few things to help you create an exercise plan that actually work( definitely it has started working for me)

1- Go with a workout you enjoy doing : I personally consider unless you enjoy the exercises you do, you won’t stick to your goal of being fit. Maybe this could be one of the reasons that your previous workout routines have failed. There is no criteria of going through heavy lifting, heavy weight training, aerobics full with exertion. For this you need to understand the following points:

  • Understand how fit your body is and what is its stamina. This can be done by going through a few basic exercises like running, cycling etc and then you need to figure out the time taken by you and the distance covered. This will help you know the level of fitness of your body.
  • Talk to you friend and family (the ones who do workout) and get to know what workout they do; may be they can advise what you might like based on your personality.
  • Try different workout every week and see which one you enjoy most and plan your daily routine accordingly.

2- Daily means Daily: Commitment to your workout is extremely important. If you can commit to getting to that workout class, then completing the workout is an easy thing for you. Show up! Half of the battle of getting into the habit of a daily exercise is showing up. Wake up , get ready and say to yourself there’s no turning back and commit to showing up.

3- Give time to every body part: Its very important before starting with a workout to understand that u don’t need to work on a particular part of your body. Fat is evenly distributed on our whole body and thus you need to focus on every part of your body. My workout routine is weekly i.e for 6 days of the week I work on my complete body, Like on Monday you could work on your arms( biceps, triceps), Tuesday you give time to your side body (Twister) , Wednesday work on your shoulders( Push press, Dubmell Incline row), Thursday your Abs( crunches, leg raise etc), Friday your back( dead lifts, pull ups) and Saturday your legs( Squats, leg press etc).

4- Have a proper Diet: Planning a workout is useless unless you have a proper diet plan for yourself. Remember the ratio 70:30 i.e 70 % is your diet and 30 % is exercise. Without a healthy diet( which necessarily shall contain protein, carbs, fibre and fat in a proper ratio) your exercise is a waste. So its time to replan your diet if you want to get instant results on your body.

5- Schedule Rest Times: When you have finally settled into your daily exercise routine, make sure that you don’t commit all of your time to work out, as over-training can be dangerous and cause long-term injuries and physical over exertion can affect all aspects of your life. It’s important to give yourself a day off so your body can rest and come back stronger for the next workout. If you’re stuck in your routine and really don’t want to take the day off because you think it will get off the track, then try doing forms of less strenuous physical exercise like yoga, stretching etc.


So when are you going to commit yourself to your new daily plan?

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