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So JBH is here with its first post!

Healthy body and healthy look are interlinked, with a healthy mind you look beautiful.
“We ‘burn’ with anger, ‘tremble’ with fear, feel ‘choked up’ with sadness; our ‘stomachs turn’ with revulsion. Everyone tends to experience unpleasant emotions as unpleasant bodily symptoms and thus to feel physically distressed when emotionally distressed.”

And yes this stress definitely shows up on our faces!!😱

How this stress,😕 daily disturbances, work pressure😫, emotional issues 😣and blah blah things be thrown out of our lives to get a healthy skin😇 and body?

Answer is here💁 (a few things I do which could surely help you out)

1:- Calming the Mind🙏

The best way to bring your mind at peace is doing “Yoga” And yes Yoga has become a trend these days.

A few minutes for yourself just a few minutes can help you get that flawless skin actually we all are fond of!!

Yoga will definitely give fruitful results if practiced daily for just 30 minutes and I don’t think we can not give those 30 minutes just for ourselves!!

2:- Stress Hardiness👎

Attitudes, feelings, and behaviours that are linked with a healthy mind and body and definitely shows how pretty we are!

The 4 characteristics of the stress resistant or healthy personality are identified as:

  • CommitmentAn attitude commitment to yourself, your loved ones, your work, and the world.
  • ControlThe belief that you can respond effectively to situations that arise in your life, rather than feeling hopeless and incomplete.
  • ChallengeThe ability to see change as exciting and an opportunity for growth rather than viewing it as frightening and fearing failure.
  • ConnectionThe positive relations with the people around you can definitely help you get a pretty face.3:- Eating healthy 🤤To get that glowing face obviously there has to be intake of healthy food! Food rich in proteins and vitamins(especially vitamin C and E) play an important role for that glow!No doubt we all are fond of that junk food but that is too bad for our body friends. Once in 15 days or a month would go but that too if you dont cheat on yourself🤣. Food that help in getting a beautiful and flawless skin are:

    1. Fatty fish(though i can’t have it) yet it is a very good source of Vitamin E.
    2. Avocados
    3. Walnuts
    4. Sunflower Seeds
    5. Sweet Potatoes
    6. Red or Yellow Bell Peppers
    7. Broccoli.
    8. Tomatoes.

So people just 3 things and you will get a confident life.

A beautiful face comes out of a healthy body if u don’t eat healthy and live healthy u couldn’t get a healthy face!☺So live without guilt having that pretty face!!!

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