Summer hacks to keep cool😎

Hey people!

Jagriti beauty hub is here with a few summer hacks to help you keel cool🤘

Give them a try!

The heat of sun is upon us and we all feel like putting our heads in an ice bucket. Not always you can prevent yourselves from going in that burning sun ☀ Not always you can be in that Air Conditioning room!

Whether you just don’t have air conditioning, don’t want to fire 🔥 it up just yet, or want to save money on energy, there are lots of ways to keep cool as the mercury rises.

Here are some good👍 ones 🤗



For this you need a transparent storage bag, a sponge and obviously a refrigerator 😊

Do it yourself:

You need to make your own ice pack by soaking the sponge in water and put it in a storage bag and thereafter freeze it


Whenever you feel irritated with that burning sun just carry your ice pack (as when it melts the water stays inside the bag instead of dripping all over) and use whenver required😍

2- Make a cooling mist😁

When it comes to mind what can make you cool this summer 🌞🌴🏄🎇 peppermint is the thought💭

Yes peppermint will make you feel extra cool🤗


A spray bottle(easily available on amazon) and a few peppermint extract drops.

Do it yourself:

Add a few drops of peppermint extract to a spray bottle full of water. When you’re feeling hot, mist yourself with it!

Its kinda like how mint gum makes water feel colder when you drink it😆


Take out the spray bottle from your bag and spray it whenever you feel the need🤗

3- Put your wrist in cold 💧💦water

The easiest hack i feel with a logic as well😆

Dunk your wrist in cold water( which is easily available everywhere)

The idea behind this hack is that the veins in our wrist are close to the surface of our skin and the cool water will bring the body temperature down when u dunk your wrist in the water.

It’s worth giving a try!!🤘🤘

4- A change in food🍴🍕🍔 habits this summer

In this hot weather when we eat those fast foods and those oily foods( which always taste yummy during Winters) may lead to nausea and vomiting and may weaken the appetite.

So planning a summer- specific food habit is a great strategy to say goodbye to body heat. Seasonal fruits like watermelon, grapes, oranges and vegetables like cucumber, radishes and herbs like mint can help you stay cool and energized.

Drinking water💧 is must!carry a full body’s supply of bottled water.

Apart from water jal jeera, shikanji ,buttermilk, aam panna, bel sharbat and coconut water will definitely work🤗

5- Extra protection for our skin, hair and eyes🙃

Summers need extra protection for our skin,hair and eyes from the scorching sun, heat nd humidity. The UV rays cause a lot of damage to our body.

Here are 5 tips to brave the sun this summer and steer clear from health issues:🤘

1- Sunglasses : protect your eyes from harsh UVA And UVB rays of sun during day by wearing sunglasses.

2- Sunscreen: Smudge generous amount of sunscreen on your face and other exposed areas at least 30- 45 minutes before stepping out in the sun.

3- Sunhats: use sunhats to lend shade to your face,ears and neck.

A charming and favourable hack😍

4- Stay hydrated: stay hydrated with sweet lime juice, coconut water, frrsh fruit juices and of course H2O to have that dewy skin even in this scorching sun ☀.

5- Sleeves: While going sleeveless is in vogue, wearing full sleeves should be your choice when stepping out or driving under the summer sun. It avoids tanning.😄

Happy summer people🤘😍😄🙃🤗

With all love ❤😘

A blog by Jagriti Chaudhary😇

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